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Learning object for keyword generation in 2 formats: printable worksheet and interactive online module

Learning object for research question generation in 2 formats: printable worksheet and interactive online module

Tool for active reading and note taking

Customizable worksheet to support student reflection and peer learning during the research process.

Time management tool that outlines the process of researching and writing based on the due date.

Supports students in identifying and understanding key elements of an assignment.

Metacognitive tool for beginning research. Helps students organize what they know and what they want to learn.

Tutorial on searching databases.

Tutorial on choosing information sources based on need.

LibWizard tutorial testing ability to identify items as primary or secondary sources.

A brief introduction to key services available from the UConn Library for ECE students.

A brief explanation of databases and how to find databases available from the UConn Library.

A brief tutorial on searching for materials.

A brief tutorial on conducting a search in a general database.

A brief tutorial on limiting general database results.

A brief tutorial on accessing full text articles or requesting materials from Interlibrary Services.

A brief tutorial on using the advanced search features of the library catalog.

2 complementary worksheets that examine sources collectively.

An introduction to the many services the library offers to all students.

LibWizard tutorial testing one's knowledge of plagiarism.
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